Data Migration



– transform business requirements into migration code

– accommodate late changes and selected migration strategy

– allow reruns after changes to verify correctness and completeness

– provide real-time feedback to simplify requirements discovery, production and testing reconciliation

– control migration with cleansed, reconfigured data along with historical data, avoiding delays


– Reduce risk by checking for completeness and exception all along

– Get confidence with reconciliation reports, and regression testing

– Have flexibility to accommodate any migration strategy you see fit

– Declarative approach enables reuse and reduces development time

– Apply solution for data integration or data synchronization



Testing for correctness and exceptions, and adjusting migration code through the project


Adaptable to any migration strategy approach and late requirement changes


Provide completeness and reconciliation reports, along with regression testing


Easily fit into your hardware and software infrastructure

Enhance Productivity and Mitigate Business Risk

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